VKS, An Agile Enterprise

By: Berenice Mengo

mardi, novembre 22 2016

Agile. A must for IT businesses. Being a collection of the most innovative people and processes, the agile community holds its own annual meeting in many cities around the world, including Montreal. The 8th edition of the Agile Tour Montreal was held on November 16, 2016 at the Palais des congrès. More than 1,000 participants attended the event, organized by the Agile Community of Montreal. Visual Knowledge Share Ltd (VKS) took part in the gathering.

The VKS delegation with its dozen attendees - VKS leaders, the quality assurance team and the development team - enjoyed interesting conferences given by Jason Little, Henrik Kniberg and Simon De Baene among others. The fact is that VKS is about to adopt the agile culture within its organization, whose goal is to work closely with its customers. Furthermore, VKS wants to improve its processes for an even faster delivery while meeting the software’s quality standards.

What does the agile method actually mean?

Agile methods are based on iterative development which means dividing the project into different stages called iterations. Iterations are defined as mini-projects agreed with the client, specifying the different functionalities that will be developed in order of priority. As these mini-projects are integral parts of the macro-project, the manager assembles the tasks necessary to achieve them in a macro-plan.In this approach, the customer is at the heart of the process. It's truly about developing a culture of communication, efficiency, putting forward results and collaboration.

Why switch to agile methods?

There are many reasons why organizations, including VKS, take the “Agile” path. For example, agile methods are pragmatic and represent a better alternative to traditional methods. Moreover, since the company and its client are in constant collaboration, project planning and risk management are shared between both of them. Development cycles are iterative, incremental and adaptive. Users feedback (or UX feedback) is of great importance. With agile, change is part of the planning of the project and is therefore no longer perceived as a disrupting factor but as an integrated step for the realization of the project. The human factor, the assumed simplicity, the constant feedback and several other factors make the agile method one of the preferred choice of decision makers today.

In conclusion

Since its beginnings in the United States in 2001, the agile philosophy has led organizations around the world to adopt ever more innovative, simple and pragmatic working methods. VKS now adopts this organizational culture. In order to improve its processes and to be ever more attentive to its environment, VKS is firmly committed to agility and its Scrum methodology and aims to promote a culture of efficiency through results and collaboration with the different members of the project.

Collaboration: Mohamed Zoghlami