You certainly know Visual Knowledge Share (VKS) as the visual work instructions solution that helps companies enhance their productivity. Let’s now hear from a person that uses VKS on a daily basis. Thanks to Mr. Gabriel Dumouchel, a CMP employee and a VKS daily user, we can learn a bit more about working with VKS and find some insights that might help you consider the switch to become a smart factory as CMP did years ago.

Berenice Mengo: What is your role at CMP?

Gabriel Dumouchel: I am a Quality Inspector. I audit the manufacturing processes and make sure that quality is respected. Prior to that, I was a VKS Author. I wrote guidebooks for the use of operators on the shop floor. Writing guidebooks includes creating, revising and updating visual instructions in the company’s VKS system.

BM: Are you using VKS as a Quality Inspector?

GB: Yes.VKS and quality are directly connected. VKS’ goal is to increase the quality of a factory by putting clear, precise and visual instructions at the disposal of its users. VKS helps users to be more confident in their processes. If an issue related to quality occurs in the factory, the inspector consults the visual guidebook and validates if everything is clear, truthful and well documented.

BM: How important is VKS to the Quality department?

GD: The Quality department is constantly improving the workplace. There are quality issues to be settled every day. We have to change and improve our working methods day by day in our VKS guidebooks, a task easily doable thanks to VKS’ traceability features.

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BM: How long have you been using VKS?

GD: One year.

BM: How long did it take for you to become efficient with VKS?

GD: One month. VKS is full of valuable features. Still, its content remains simple. With 3 sessions of 2 hours, you’ll be able to understand the application and navigate through it.

BM: What are the main skills to be a good VKS author?

GD: Thoroughness. It is important for the instructions to be clear. You also need to have a critical mind to detect problems. Good writing skills are also helpful, in my case I write in both French and English. The clearer the instructions, the better the job.

BM: Who uses your guidebooks?

GD: Operators who will read and execute the instructions in the factory. Production coaches too as they audit efficiency. Quality department as they make sure the visual instructions are clear and of good quality.

BM: How long does it take to write a guidebook?

GD: It depends on the amount of work necessary to achieve the job I’m about to document. Usually, it takes me 15 to 20 minutes. For more voluminous guidebooks, it can take up to 2 days. For example, a guidebook on how to install 2 rivets is shorter than creating a guidebook for a complex assembly of 200 pieces.

BM: What is your favorite feature in VKS?

GD: Forms. They interact with the employees and with those who are in charge of efficiency and quality. Forms question the operator on critical points and the author will read the operator’s answers and make a follow up with that person in order to enhance the work instructions if necessary. The manager in charge of this operator will also follow up, thanks to the information the operator registered in the forms.

BM: What is the main benefit of VKS?

GD: VKS allows you to have total control on what’s happening in the factory. You control the procedures, the quality and efficiency.

BM: What does a typical day as a VKS author look like?

GD: Everyday, I look for undocumented work instructions in the factory. I search for guidebooks that are not visual yet, maybe because it’s a new product or because there are no existing VKS work instructions for those tasks yet.

BM: Would you like to share any other information with our readers?

GD: The KPI system is included in the VKS software. It can count the number of parts completed compared to the time taken to complete them. The KPI system provides a visual interface to see how time is spent in the factory and measures efficiency.

We hope this interview gives you practical information on how useful VKS can be to your organization!

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