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5 Benefits of Paperless Manufacturing Audits


Manufacturing is a complicated business no matter how you shake it. To be successful, managers must bring together the right mix of people, machines and processes in the most efficient sequence to create something of value. Too often, the backbone holding these three factors together is paper. Paper assembly drawings, paper Standard Operating Procedures, paper work instructions...

Smart Work Instructions Manufacturing Deep Dive - Film Extrusion


As discussed in our previous article - Visual Work Instructions, Different Approaches and Use Cases - the case for implementing Smart/Visual Work Instructions can be convincing across many unique use cases. In this article, we’ll begin to dive deeper into more specific applications of this technology, and talk about how users can extract value and drive compliance. To begin this deep dive, we’ll start with the most obvious implementation industry, Manufacturing and look at Extrusion in more detail.

Visual Work Instructions - Different Approaches and Use cases


If you are anything like me (if you’re reading this there’s a good chance you are), you’ve come up professionally in operations of one sort or another. By operations, I’m referring to environments where a product or service is made, stored, shipped, fixed, provided etc. Operations is where the rubber meets the road in most organizations. It’s where the actual value for the organization and its customers is created, and in some cases lost. It’s where 80% of an organization’s employees work...