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Identify Work Instructions as a Critical Component of Your Operation


Objectivity for business leaders is increasingly important because it helps provide a perspective on their business that is deeply rooted in reality. The challenge for many business leaders however is actually achieving this clarity. In the context of this article, let’s assume when referring to business leaders, we are talking about any leader in an organization where humans are involved in processes that create value for a customer.

We are attending Fabtech Canada !


FABTECH Canada provides a convenient venue where you can meet with world-class suppliers, see the latest industry products and developments, find the tools to improve productivity, and discover new solutions to all of your metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing needs.

Our experience at WE DAY


We Day is an international event that celebrates, and empowers the youth of today in helping to make a difference in both local and global communities. With inspirational speakers, success stories, and celebrities, it is a motivational event that not only celebrates the social actions of these members, but also motivates and empowers others to do the same.