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4 Steps To A Smart Factory


Manufacturing is complicated, there’s no way around that. It’s the complexity in processes, materials, components and supply chains that drive much of the variability in quality, and have dramatic impacts on productivity, and it’s the resulting drain on profitability that incentivizes manufacturers to revolutionize their factories. Making this transition from a legacy factory where so much is unknown to a smart factory is nothing less that a paradigm shift both technically and in terms of the people involved, so in this short blog we’ll discuss 4 important steps, as we see them, to making the transition to a smart factory.

How Electronic Work Instructions Improve Manufacturing Productivity


More manufacturers are using electronic work instructions, such as VKS, to improve productivity and streamline their operations. In this podcast, Alan Rooks, Editor in Chief of Manufacturing Engineering magazine, talks with Shannon Bennett, Implementation & Sales Engineer at Visual Knowledge Share Ltd., about the need for electronic work instructions in manufacturing, the development of VKS, the types of manufacturers that use it and the benefits those manufacturers see in their operations.

VKS Published in U.S. TECH Magazine


Operating in a high-mix, low-volume environment, effectively navigating the manufacturing process can be complex and difficult. But there are reliable solutions to help steer manufacturers toward the most efficient processes. One of these is the company Visual Knowledge Share (VKS). According to electronics contract manufacturer Scott Electronics, VKS is its "manufacturing GPS."



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