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Work Instructions vs SOP


Manufacturing documentation comes in many flavors, and the specific document type and its purpose can vary from organization to organization. In this article, we’ll take a look at two of the most prevalent types of manufacturing documents and what makes them different.

"VKS, the Manufacturing GPS" Says Scott Electronics - A Customer's Testimony


Navigating through manufacturing can be difficult. Many manufacturers around the world are looking for a reliable solution that will guide them to their final destination, helping them reach their business goals. Scott Electronics inc., a successful American contract manufacturer has found that guide in VKS (Visual Knowledge Share), calling it the Manufacturing GPS. Thanks to Scott’s officers - brothers Scott and David, respectively Director of Quality and Director of Operations, and Jason Caverly, Operations Manager -, here is a user experience testimonial on how VKS has been their guide to sustainable success.

3 Conditions For A Culture Of Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)


The challenges facing manufacturers today may seem new, but if we look back over the last 2 centuries it becomes clear that although the industry may look dramatically different, many of the same challenges exist. We’ve all been taught about the Industrial Revolution and how mechanization changed the world, but what many may not understand is that Manufacturing has experienced multiple revolutions, and in fact, we’re currently in the midst of the 4th. The 4th Industrial Revolution, similar to the first 3, will fundamentally change how those of us involved in the manufacturing industry work, but there is a notable difference between this revolution and those before; the dramatic scale, scope, complexity and speed of the change.

An Image Is Worth a Thousand Words: Introducing Digital Quality Checklists


The basic paper quality checklist has evolved. With the rapidly advancing 4th Industrial Revolution, the quality checklist is now digital, visual, and even intelligent. We’ve talked with an expert who uses quality checklists on a daily basis, and shared his experience about the many advantages that offers advanced quality checklists.