Digital Ecoystem

Digital Ecosystem

Do more with VKS Lite, Pro, or Enterprise. Add the Digital Ecosystem package to share interactive work instructions with your suppliers and business partners.



Lite, Pro or Enterprise Features

Access Control

Access Control

Floating Users

10 Extra Users


1 Location


Streamline Approvals

Leverage our software's approval workflow feature to ensure your suppliers' work instructions, control plans, and processes meet your company's needs. Submit requests for change and provide instant feedback through comments. Use Version Control to review all edits and changes to processes throughout the products life cycle.

Instant Communication

Instant Communication

Improve communication and provide instant feedback within your supply chain. Seamlessly address issues and share knowledge in real-time, from non-conformance pictures to continuous improvement ideas.

Live Traceability

Live Traceability

Rest assured your suppliers are capturing data at specific steps during the process by using Smart Forms to create digital checklists. Decrease paperwork and gain real-time visibility of your shop floor with live job tracking.

Reinvent Your Supply Chain Through Collaboration

Supply Chain
  • Standardized Process

  • Faster Product Deployment

  • Built-In Quality

  • Instant Communication

  • Live Work Order Tracking

  • Centralized Production Traceability

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