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Get started with the Lite package for essential features such as creating, editing, and viewing digital work instructions with annotated images and videos. Make VKS your central hub for all your instructions, procedures, SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), training material, and more!

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electronic instructions

Create step-by-step Work Instructions

Create quick and easy electronic instructions with images, videos, and more!

Visual Work Instructions

Visual Work Instructions

Visual work instructions are made of different types of multimedia such as images, descriptive videos, PDFs, and much more.

Paperless work instructions can be viewed on your tablet or computer. You can also choose to save them as PDF and even print them.

Interactive Annotations

Interactive Annotations

Add smart annotations and content to images to highlight key details and indicate the work sequence. Also, add visual and audible alerts. An image is worth a thousand words, and annotated images eliminate the risk of misinterpretation.



Upload your company’s standard symbols and icons to VKS. Whether you have corporate symbols for health & safety, or personal protection equipment (PPE), or would like to add tool icons to your work instructions, you can simply upload your preferred pictograms to VKS and add them alongside your work instructions.

Work Instruction Templates

Work Instruction Templates

Reduce creation time with ready-to-use templates and mass update features. Easily apply updates to hundreds of procedures at once.

Editing work instructions-guidebooks

Edit your Digital Work Instructions

Editing advanced guidebooks is easier and quicker than ever.

Live Notifications Updates and Version Control

Live Notifications, Updates and Version Control

Get alerts whenever a new version is published, or when someone logs into a particular guidebook. Every new update is available in real time and the authorized users get notified instantly. VKS guarantees 100% traceability of who did what and when. All documentation is permanently archived and accessible. VKS keeps track of everything!

Approval Process

Approval Process

Publish instructions directly or submit them for review and approval. Is your guidebook ready? Go live with it or send it for approval first. Whether the approval process has multiple levels, or just one, VKS gives you the right option adapted to your needs.

Multilingual Platform

Multilingual Platform

With VKS, translate your digital work instructions with the world’s most used translation engine, Google Translate. With numerous languages integrated and more on demand, your work instructions can be adapted to the language that your end users need. Compliance and conformity become a reality when the information is adapted to the targeted audience.

Bill of Materials ( BOM)-Drawings

Provide Direct Links to Bill of Materials and Drawings

You have the option to add URL links and attachments to work instructions, giving you the capability to link directly to drawings, BOMs (bill of materials) and more!

viewing work instructions

View your Work Instructions

Easily navigate through our intuitive app to access clear, digital work instructions.

Viewing Mode Options

Viewing Mode Options

With various viewing modes available choose the option that best suits your company's needs. For example, new employees see all 20 steps within a procedure whereas experienced employees only see the most critical steps. As much or as little information when you need it!

Configurable work instructions interface

Configurable Interface

Whether you like to see the cycle time, visual instruction thumbnails, order numbers or simply view your instructions in full screen, VKS has built-in options to modify the interface through standard formats to your liking.

access control through certifications


With VKS, get access control through certifications and enforce regulatory compliance. Because specific products need specific treatment, only the identified personnel can have access to the processes related to certain products. For example, ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) certified items are treated by ITAR certified employees.

Smart Feedback- VKS messaging feature

Smart Feedback

Keep constant top-down and bottom-up communication with your team. Contact supervisors, engineers or quality managers by email when you need support. Have a continuous improvement idea? Simply use the VKS messaging feature to suggest changes and improvement ideas! Connect team members for seamless feedback using VKS.

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