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All the benefits of VKS Lite plus capture data and react in real time with VKS Pro. Make your company's procedures easier to understand, increase productivity and dramatically improve performance!

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Data Capture

The VKS Pro package provides an integrated solution for work Instructions, quality checklists, productivity monitoring, work order management, and more. Take advantage of the solutions you need to ensure success on your shop floor!

Smart Forms

Create interactive quality checklists, control plans and data capture points. Implement your companies inspection requirements directly into your digital work instructions. Capture information digitally, and remove all that paperwork from your shop floor!

Productivity Monitoring

Monitor live progress and productivity performance in real time. Implement efficiency forms or markers directly into your visual work instructions to seamlessly monitor your production status. Send emails when things don’t go according to plan to make sure support is given proactively. The manufacturing floor is where your profits are made, keep it supported and running efficiently!

Work Order Quantity Management

Maintain and monitor work order quantities and operation status’ using VKS, to ensure production management is kept in check. Capture real time information as to the actual output of your production. Who did what, how many units, what order number and non-conformances.


Create SPC charts directly within your work instructions and maintenance procedures. With VKS, if you have a product or process that needs simple process control applied, set up an SPC chart within your work instructions. VKS will plot results live onto a chart for real time trends analysis. Setup warning and out of specifications limits, automatically send alerts and keep your process in check.

Rule Engine

The rule engine allows you to set up actions or reactions to data inputted by your employees as they follow your work instructions. Is a measurement out of tolerance? Automatically call for a QA inspection and deviation. A checklist answer calling for a work instruction update? Get your engineer’s down on the shop floor to validate and capture this new and improved production method!


VKS offers a wide variety of reporting options. With built in reports, multiple exportation options ranging from excel to custom built via our API, and KPIs to correlate data, it allows managers to have full insight into their operations while being able to drill down to the critical details and identify root causes.


Each activity performed while following a work instruction is captured, gathered and presented within a concise report. The report can be used to validate adherence to process, track quality data, log torque values, collect serial numbers, and present productivity performance. The report can be exported to excel or to PDF, allowing you to share your information with customers, internally or with suppliers.


VKS has a range of KPI widgets which can be tailored to your specific needs. Once saved, the KPI will be available each and every time you visit your dashboard. View the status of live jobs, work center average efficiency or compare the performance of a work instruction over any time period.

Notification Alerts

Setup up productivity alerts, quality alerts or out of limit notifications to automatically send an email. Alternatively create any kind of notification using our rule engine. Whether a measurement is out of specification or there is a cosmetic issue raised, you can forward the information to your QA team or an individual engineer to review and resolve.

Available on the Cloud or On-Premise
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