Work Instuctions for Smart Factories

VKS provides its users with an easy to use platform designed to improve their operations. From purely work instructions to a full Industry 4.0 solution, VKS is the tool you’ve been looking for!

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Work Instuctions for Smart Factories

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Work Instructions

Step by step Work Instructions made with pictures and videos to make the process easy to understand.

Productivity Monitoring

Monitor productivity performance in real time. VKS will automatically track work order numbers, quantities and times. Integrate with your ERP system or scan barcodes to enter data.


Integrate VKS with your machines & tools to automatically advance the work instruction to the next step and capture data such as torque values from assembly tools.

Quality Checklist

Integrate your quality checklists directly within the work instructions. Prompt operators to scan a serial number, confirm a detail, input a dimension and more!

Standardized Work Instructions

In today's world manufacturing can be a tough beast to conquer. Diverse customers, complex products, and an ever-changing workforce can lead to many operational issues. That’s why it's important that companies are able to effectively capture and share best practices through visual work instructions. By documenting the best way to do each job, companies can guarantee that their workforce will always achieve their objectives through easy to use, visual information.

Live Data

Managers need live, up to date information to make good decisions. With real-time information companies can ensure to address problems before they happen and zero in on problematic areas to initiate continuous improvement projects. With live progress tracking and instant alerts, VKS keeps its user informed at all times.

Track and Trace

Traceability is a key component to any company's operations. VKS provides easy to use tools to capture quality data that are as flexible or as strict as your company needs to be. Whether your company needs 100% traceability on your operations for a full historical record of your products, or is simply looking to go paperless with quality checklists, we’ve got features built in to save time and reduce paperwork!

IoT Integration

With the fourth industrial revolution upon us, connectivity has never been easier. With elaborate APIs and a world full of information, integrated solutions have now become a major asset within the manufacturing world. VKS takes advantage of these latest trends and provides a platform that thrives on the connected world. Integrate with your ERP. Connect with machines and tools. Build custom reports and dashboards. VKS helps you easily create the solution you need!

  • VKS Lite work instructions
  • VKS Lite
  • Easily Create, Edit and View digital work instructions and share them within your factories wherever they are in the world
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  • VKS Enterprise work instructions
  • VKS Pro
  • Capture data in real time and have access to a wide range of reporting options!
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