Create, innovate and share your knowledge through standardized work instructions.

Create, innovate and share your knowledge through standardized work instructions.
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Implementation Fear!!

In our last article, we talked about losing your know-how and the best way to prevent that from having negative effects on your organization. In this follow-up article, we’re focused on overcoming the fear associated with prioritizing, planning and finally executing the effort to stop the knowledge loss. In essence, the problem we’re trying to solve is this - Your company has thousands of processes in place, some are documented, while many others are wandering around in your employee’s heads...

VKS - Solutions

Wandering workforce and losing your Know How

Is your company's knowledge walking out the door and leaving you in the dark? Do your activities, which usually run like clockwork, turn into a nightmare when your employees go on vacation? Why does your Quality group complain about the same issues rising up every time you have a change in your work force? Tribal Knowledge, Brain Drain, Human Capital Flight, Retirement or Loss of know how. No matter what you call it, each time it occurs your company suffers.

VKS - Solutions
Visual Knowledge Share - more than just work instructions.
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Managers want their people to be accountable and responsible for their actions...
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Human Resources
Human Resources know that the biggest problem facing companies today
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Production is a thankless task.  Health, safety, quality, on time delivery, productivity an...


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  • Adolfo Wriedt

    Jabil Advanced Mechanical Solutions

    High levels of process control...

    "Shortly after the adoption of VKS, Jabil Advanced Mechanical Solutions went through a systematic implementation by targeting the most problematic areas first. Today we are graced with a high quality, highly productive organization that produces standardized products and continues to impress our customers with our high levels of process control.”

    Adolfo Wriedt
    Quality Manager,

  • Adolfo Wriedt

    Clearpath Robotics

    We can nearly eliminate training altogether...

    "If we diligently document assembly instructions, we can nearly eliminate training altogether. It is wonderful. It makes our production so scalable. All we have to do to produce more is add a computer and bring in labour. Every day your software gets better, and I love it."

    Jaron Lefler
    Process Engineering Manager ,

  • Michel Labrecque

    Quebec Continuous Improvement Network

    Finally, a solution...

    “Finally, a solution has been provided that keeps work instruction creation as lean as possible, while harnessing and eliminating the black hole of the human labor force, in any operational setting.”

    Michel Labrecque

  • ‎Scott Electronics‎

    VKS has helped in getting product out on time and with less errors. We can't wait to put it in place through out the whole shop.

    ‎Scott Electronics‎